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Cutting-edge founders and technology

Cutting-edge founders and technology

At the heart of it, Technology has 2 aspects: Its goal is to make things easier: solving problems easier, reaching out to people easier, and responding to dynamic situations easier.  Second: Technology often requires immediate change in user-behaviour; whether its downloading an application, or stop making that phone call.

A successful delivery entails achieving 1st aspect, while avoiding the inconvenience in 2nd. This balancing job lies at the heart of everything Technology at We use a mix of Heuristics, behavioural insights, traditional Business insights, “Jugaad” and cutting-edge AI to deliver a great service to the Customer, something that makes her life easy, without inconvenience. 

When we started out in 2018, there were multiple problems we had to solve in age-old Commodity Distribution: Too many to-and-fro calls, Lack of general Tech awareness, Low shelf-life of Information (both prices and Product availability can change in a few minutes), and age-old habits.

There were 3 larger solutions we adopted to solve these: 

Communications Tech

In hindsight, this was the best decision we have ever taken. We built our Tech stack on WhatsApp, one of the most used apps across the world. While Indian business were still not exposed to the beast of WhatsApp, we built a strong community of Sellers and Buyers on WhatsApp, who stuck along, and kept growing. We built our Communications tech to work on scale, get immediate attention, and required minimal change in user-behaviour. 

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