India’s fastest growing Commodity Distribution Company

Having grown to become one of India's largest Commodity Distribution Companies: we are disrupting an age-old Industry using New-Age methods, keeping the conventional Business Principles intact. While the world has evolved to deliver you phones and information on fingertips, the Raw Material procurement by MSMEs is still stone-age old. Manufacturers still waste hours in procurement, and Stockists in Inventory Liquidation.

We came up with a Simple answer:

Right technology: something that is convenient and easy to Understand.
Right intent: Someone who understands the Problem, and is motivated to solve it.

Source.One was ideated in 2015, by a team of Commodity Veterans and Technology enthusiasts,  with a single focus: Simplifying Commodity Distribution.
And a tax reform and a Pandemic later, we have grown to become one of India's biggest, and the single fastest-growing, Commodity Distribution Company, having closed the Revenue of INR 1622 cr in FY22, with PAT Positive!

Business Team

Rich experience across Commodities, Finance, and Logistics, Arun has single-handedly built Businesses across MNCs and Startups. Hard-Core believer in India's MSME story.


Founder & CEO

  • Deep Expertise in designing, building and managing advanced tech platforms, Shrinath has had a niche career across Product E-Commerce Platforms.


    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Jaimeen Jain

  • Ashumati Salunke

  • Prashant Gupta

  • Kushal Bachkar

  • Ankit Sharma

  • Bhanu Binjrajka

  • Mansi Pawal

  • Binu Nair

  • Shikha Sarin

  • Moksh Chaddha

  • Rahul Jain

  • Tejas Dhekane

  • Palak Gupta

  • Vaibhav Dhamal

  • Pooja Tamane

  • Ganesh Jadhav

  • Ankur Kapoor

  • Indrani More

  • Sachin Patil

  • Aniruddha Dutta

  • Jesal Shah

  • Ashwin Ramakrishnan

  • Anuurag Maddan

  • Nasir

  • Arjun Meena

  • Venku Babu

  • Rahul Raj

  • Swati Jadhav

  • Prashant Misal

  • Jakir Husain

  • Abhishek Shah

  • Danish Mevati

  • Hariom Gupta

  • Md. Zaki

  • Shrinath Patane

  • Krishnarjun Chakraborty

  • Paresh Shah

  • Suraj Bhoite

  • Krishna Nikam

The core, the input and the output

The core: Everyone is equal

We use Technology as an effective equalizer. We treat every business – big, or small, with the same respect for its requirements.

The input: Our commitment

Technology => Transparency=> Triumph

Our suite of technology Platforms, and its integrations, creates a Transparent web of Communication and Processes, the two pillars of all our inputs.

The output: Your growth

We are not disrupting the Trade. We are simplifying it: Product by product, and Industry by Industry. Our success is due to this simplification of an other complex problem.