India’s first tech-enabled trading company in polymer.

India’s only technology-led Polymer Distribution Portal. Where all that a buyer needs to do is place an order, and all that a seller needs to do is post his inventory – everything in between – payments, logistics, insurance, is taken care of by Source.One.

Designed by industry stalwarts with a collective trade experience of over 35 years, Source.One understands the nuances of the business and is equipped to take care of the challenges buyers and sellers face.

We are proudly contributing to the growth of India’s SME sector that depends on polymer. When buying and selling polymer becomes so easy, all that the manufacturing setups need to focus on, is business growth.

Business Team

  • Rich exprience across Commodities, Finance, Consulting and Logistics. Arun has single-handedly built Businesses across MNCs and Startups.


  • Expertise in designing, building and managing advanced tech platforms principally in E-Commerce industry. .


  • Jaimeen

  • Prashant

  • Kushal

  • Ankit

  • Aniruddha

  • Binu

  • Nitish

  • Shawaf

  • Moksh

  • Rahul

  • Tejas

  • Vaibhav

  • Ganesh

  • Paresh

  • Ankur

  • Gaurav

  • Ashish


  • Abhishek

  • Tushar

  • hariom

The core, the input and the output

The core: Everyone is equal

Technology is a great equalizer. And that is exactly what we believe in. We treat every business – big, or small, with the same respect for its requirements.

The input: Our commitment

We’re committed towards our buyers and sellers, our technology, and towards our team. We ensure every piece fits with the others, seamlessly.

The output: Your growth

We want to make procuring and selling polymer so easy, that you can purely focus on taking your business to newer heights and grow ceaselessly.