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Source.One, India’s trailblazer in tech-enabled petrochemical distribution, is revitalizing an age-old industry. Founded in 2018 by a dynamic team of petrochemical veterans and tech enthusiasts, our mission is to simplify the often antiquated and tedious process of raw material procurement for MSMEs. Despite significant challenges, we have persevered, emerging as the fastest-growing Petrochemical Distribution Company in India, blending traditional business principles with forward-thinking strategies. Our journey, imbued with grit and determination, has led us to redefine industry standards.
From humble beginnings, we’ve gone on to become a benchmark for petrochemical prices nationwide. Today, we serve a thriving community of 10,000 active buyers and closed FY2023 with an impressive revenue of over ₹2000 Cr. Our services now encompass over 300 districts, a testament to our expansive growth and unwavering commitment to reach buyers far and wide. As we look ahead, we are not just building a company; we are shaping the future of an industry.

our mission

Unlocking India’s Petrochemical Distribution with Easy Technology


Polymer distribution
Our actions are clearer
than crystal
We foster trust and nurture long-term partnerships with open and straightforward actions
Polymer distribution
We are the treasure hunters of our trade,
unearthing the hidden potential in every opportunity. For us, every challenge is a new territory to conquer, every problem a hidden treasure to uncover.
Polymer distribution
Complexity is the question. Simplicity, our answer.
We cut through the clutter, solving intricate problems with simple solutions. Just because a problem is complex, doesn’t mean the solution must be too.
Polymer distribution
We spend wisely,
and save smartly
We believe in investing where necessary, and saving where possible, striking the perfect balance of saving and spending.

OUR Leadership Team

Source One


founder & ceo

Rich experience across Commodities, Finance, consulting, and Logistics. Arun has single-handedly built Businesses across MNCs and Startups.

Source One



Expertise in designing, building and managing advanced tech platforms principally in E-Commerce industry.

Source One


Head of operations

Experienced across multiple industries and proficient in breaking down complex processes into smaller executable steps