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Episode 1 of The Obsessed Podcast is now live! Arun Singhal, our founder, discusses how he has transformed the SME B2B space in India and built a thriving business in just four years. Hear him talk about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and get some great insights into the Indian polymer market.
A big thank you to the entire Entrepreneur India team for giving us the chance to be guests and provide views on how to streamline the $250 billion Indian chemical industry. Listen to the podcast on Spotify for some astute company growth advice. Click on the image to navigate to the link.

In this era of rapid technological advancements, SMEs in India are ensuring that they do not get left behind in their digital transformation journeys led by cloud-adoption. Acceleration of these interventions has only increased in the recent times keeping in view, the need for SMEs to grow their businesses exponentially with IT modernization.

Watch the video featuring our CTO, Shrinath Balakrishnan and his experience in cloud technology.