India’s first tech-enabled trading company in polymer.

India’s only technology led, Polymer Distribution Portal. Where all that a buyer needs to do is place an order, and all that a seller needs to do is post his inventory - everything in between – payments, logistics, insurance, is taken care of by Source.One.

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The Process

  • Steps for Buyers
    1. Register
    2. Start ordering
  • Steps for Suppliers
    1. Register
    2. Open your personal link
    3. Offer grades and prices

Reaching the Veins of India

Our vision is to reach every SME in every corner of India and the world. And we are aggressively moving in that direction. We are building a robust Polymers distribution pipeline, district by district. Our network is strengthened by a strong interplay of technology, data, innovation and operational excellence.

We have already reached across 27 states, 6 UTIs and 700+ Districts in India, and now are fast-growing into a pan-India network of manufacturers and suppliers, thereby facilitating the industry to reach its potential: a global market.

Why Source.One

  • Technology makes it convenient
  • Timely delivery and digital payment
  • Reliable and worry-free
  • Save time and focus on your core business
  • End-to-end solution – ordering, logistics, insurance, payment
  • Get your order first, pay later*
  • Just message on whatsapp to buy/ just post your inventory to sell
  • We treat everyone equally

What our client have to say

Price updates from Source. One has become essential for our purchase decisions. Makes price discovery very easy due to the competitive pricing. And has reduced my time spent in procurement.

Consistent Supply, and great use of Technology. Source. One makes it very easy to Purchase polymers. Has reduced our Procurement time from hours to seconds.

True to commitment , Source. One we can always bank upon in volatile times. Also, huge range of Product available, makes it easy to decide.

Source. one has prompt service and good coordination regarding the dispatch details, documentation. I have seen for the first time in 30 years that the ordering of polymers is so simple. Keep up the good work and all the very best for your future plans and growth.